The Box Is Locked! Thanksgiving Math Challenge

Looking for a math activity to engage students during that short Thanksgiving week? One of my "The Box Is Locked!" Thanksgiving math challenges might be just the resource! 

Students solve a clever series of clues while you watch them practice important problem solving math skills like addition and subtraction story problems, or even multiplication and division story problems.

Here's how it works:

Grab a box (like a plastic shoe box) and stuff it with a class prize. (I include plenty of options in the resource, like collectible bookmarks and homework passes.) Then pop the paper lock on the lid, making it very officially locked.

You can also use a length of chain and real lock (like from a suitcase lock & key set) if you are super professional.

Next, hide the key. I give you a couple of options for where you can hide it in order for students to find it using the clues I've included. 

Now read students the opening note from Tad (a turkey), who takes credit for locking the prize in the box and setting up all these math clues for your students to solve. Tad's note will set the scene for your class and get them ready to begin.

Students then work in pairs to solve Tad's clues, which focus on addition and subtraction stories. (One of the cool things about the resource is I've included six difficulty levels of the clues, from number stories requiring two-digit addition and subtraction without regrouping to five-digit with regrouping, so you can get the right "math fit" for your students.)

Before you know it, students will be deciphering a password by aligning certain clues and holding them up to a light source. (Another cool thing is that students won't be able to get the password unless they've done the math correctly on the first several clues.)

After a student-team shares with you the correct password (on the down-low of course), you give them the final clue. Upon completing the math, the location of the hidden key will be shockingly revealed.

The first student-team to locate the key and bring it to you gets to open the lock and share the prize with their classmates! 

Click HERE or the image below for details on getting the full resource from my TPT shop!

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