Digital Back-to-School Activity: "Who Am I?" Photo Reveal!

Is the start of the 2020 school year going to look a little different for you? Maybe you'll be starting out with virtual learning or distance learning, or maybe your district has set up a hybrid framework. Having students get to know each other might be a little trickier this back-to-school season, huh? If you're looking for a fun get-to-know-you activity that is completely digital (using Google Slides), this is it!

Students use Google Slides to create a layered "Who Am I?" slide, consisting of a photo and clues about themselves. (Detailed instructions and video demonstrations guide students through the entire process. Score!)

With step-by-step directions and a video demonstration, students learn
how to insert and edit a photo of themselves for the "big reveal."

Students fill out the clue prompts about themselves. These pieces will "cover up" their photo.

Then you, the teacher, will compile students' finished slides and meet with your class to share the slides. (Yup, detailed instructions included for this, too!)

You can meet in-person and use your classroom projector, OR hold a virtual meeting (like a Zoom meeting) where you can "share your screen" with students. With each slide, you'll drag the clues, one by one, out of the way, slowly revealing the identity of the student within the photo underneath! Pretty cool, right? Watch the video below for a demonstration:

You'll drag the pieces away as the class watches and tries to guess who might be hiding behind the clues!

When all the clues have been removed, the student is revealed! Ta-dah!

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