"What's Your Word?" Student Word Goals

Get the school year kick-started with a fresh take on goal-setting. Have each of your students create a word goal! It's a simple but powerful way to get students setting goals, and it's easy to come back to, revisit, reflect, and even revise later on in the year.

Here's how to do it...

Explain to students that they will choose a word for themselves, one that will help them focus on an area of their lives in which they want to improve or grow. For example, words like "organization," "grateful," and "confidence," might become a student's word goal. Have students brainstorm several possibilities before choosing the word with which they'll move forward.

Once students have chosen their word, have them create a poster to showcase their goal. Fold a piece of paper in half. On the outside flap, students draw their word in a stylish way. Or have them create a word art piece using PowerPoint or Google Slides. On the inside, students explain why they chose their word and give action steps or examples of how they might work toward their goal.

Set up a bulletin board to hang students word goal posters. Use a catchy phrase like, "What's Your Word?" as the title to your board.

Showcasing students' word goal posters will serve as encouragement and reminders to students.

Follow up on students' word goals every couple of weeks or so, having them reflect on their word and update their progress toward their goal.

Also consider discussing and selecting a few whole-class word goals to display!

You can get all the printables seen in the photos of this post from my TpT store by clicking HERE or the picture below. Included in the resource:
  • What's My Word? student planning page
  • Student Word Goal folded poster cover (3 versions)
    • Version 1: PDF (to print and have students draw their word)
    • Version 2: PowerPoint slide (to have students create their own word art)
    • Version 3: Google Slide (to have students create their own word art)
  • Student Word Goal explanation and action steps
  • Bulletin Board letter templates for "What's Your Word?" board (2 sizes)
  • Word Goal Update Booklet
  • "Our Class Word Goals" sheet for whole class

Happy New Year!

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"What's Your Word?" has students set focused, one-word goals for the new year. Like a New Year's resolution, but more powerful, simple, and with a way-cooler bulletin board. (The Thinker Builder)