"About Me" Roll-Ups: A Fun and Fresh Back-to-School Display

Looking for a fun and fresh "About Me" activity for back-to-school?

Check this one out!

This "About Me Roll-Up" is perfect for the first week of school!  Students fill out the front and back get-to-know-you sections, cut out the peek-through windows, and then roll their paper and glue the edges, forming a stand up tube. Classmates and visitors can then see all the fun info by turning the roll-up around AND peeking through the windows! (The Thinker Builder)

This "About Me" Roll-Up gives students a chance to share a ton about themselves in a unique, interactive, and space-saving display. Classmates and visitors can see all the info by turning the roll-up around AND peeking through the cut-out windows!

You can do the one-page (front-and-back) roll-up, or the "double" roll-up, with two pages for an extra large roll!

Let me show you how it works. For the single-roll, first copy the two pages front to back. Have students fill out all the sections. The front side includes "quick facts," a "favs corner," space to tell some activities they enjoy, space to tell what they are excited about and nervous about for the new school year, and a self portrait.

On the back, students record five positive traits about themselves, and fill out a picture and caption for something few people know about them. Once the paper is rolled up, these two sections will only be seen through the the peek-through windows.

Next, students cut out their peek-through windows.

Now the roll-up is ready to... roll up! Students add a little glue to the edge section and attach the sides together.

The sections on the inside line up just right with the peek through windows to make a fun little surprise for the viewer.

Stand the "About Me" Roll-Ups on the corner of students' desks for a perfect display piece for Back-to-School or Meet-the-Teacher Night. Or simply use them for a gallery walk for your own class to get to know each other.

You can get this ready-to-go activity from my TeachersPayTeachers store right HERE, complete with all the printables for the single roll AND the double roll, as well as student directions (with photos!) and teacher tips. Or click the pic below!

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