Power of the Pause: Using Wait-Time to Push Students Deeper

Three effective ways to use wait-time to engage more students and get them thinking harder.You've heard about it.

Or read about it.

Or tried it.

Or brushed it off as a waste of time.

Or maybe even use it regularly.

What? you wonder.

...(I'm pausing here on purpose. Don't worry.)...

...(Getting a bit awkward, I know. Stay with me.)...

Wait-time. (See what I did there?)

Wait-time is giving students, particularly a large group of them, time to think before calling on someone to respond aloud. In my blog post on Ways to Get Kids Deeper Into Text, I call it "Pause with Intention." And now on the Upper Elementary Snapshots blog, I zoom in on this idea of wait-time and show you the power it can have on how your students think. I pair some simple techniques with that nice long paaaaaaauuuuuuse and look at the different effects it has on your class.

Come read about the "Power of the Pause" right... HERE.