How to Keep Writing Centers Fresh Without Losing Your Sanity

Writing centers or stations can be a great fit to use in a structure like Daily 5, where students are choosing and working on meaningful tasks independently or with partners. Often, however, keeping the writing activities fresh and engaging... Read More


How to Use Facts in Opinion Writing & Persuasive Writing

Students often think of "fact" and "opinion" as polar opposites. Wait a second, aren't they? Sure, we grind it into students' heads teach students to tell the difference between a fact and an opinion, but what about the important bond they have?... Read More


Revising HARD! Changing Our Classroom Writing Culture

You should have seen the first draft of this post. Yikes. You probably would have clicked the back-arrow pretty quickly. And a buck gets ten you'd never have returned to my blog again because of the scattered, drab, downright stanky taste left in your mouth from your visit... Read More


Developing a Character for Fictional Narrative Writing

The biggest gap between a student's attempt at writing a personal narrative and a fictional narrative is a really strong character... Read More

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