Power of the Pause: Using Wait-Time to Push Students Deeper

Three effective ways to use wait-time to engage more students and get them thinking harder. You've heard about it.

Or read about it.

Or tried it.

Or brushed it off as a waste of time.

Or maybe even use it regularly.

What? you wonder.

...(I'm pausing here on purpose. Don't worry.)...

...(Getting a bit awkward, I know. Stay with me.)...

Wait-time. (See what I did there?)

Wait-time is giving students, particularly a large group of them, time to think before calling on someone to respond aloud. In my blog post on Ways to Get Kids Deeper Into Text, I call it "Pause with Intention." And now on the Upper Elementary Snapshots blog, I zoom in on this idea of wait-time and show you the power it can have on how your students think. I pair some simple techniques with that nice long paaaaaaauuuuuuse and look at the different effects it has on your class.

Come read about the "Power of the Pause" right... HERE.


  1. Michael...thank you for your time, wisdom and creative ideas to get kids to go deeper into literacy! Question: do you have a favorite math blogger that you can recommend? I teach third and my curriculum is sorely lacking in resources to keep things fresh for my students. Thanks in advance!

    1. Thank you! I have lots of favorite bloggers, but two of the best math ones for this grade range is Mr. Elementary Math (www.mrelementarymath.com) and The Teacher Studio (www.theteacherstudio.com). Math Coach's Corner (www.mathcoachscorner.com) is also really good... it's spans a bit wider of a grade range.


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